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independence day celebration in Pakistan

Independence Day Celebrations in Pakistan – How People of Pakistan Celebrate 14th August

14th August the Independence Day of Pakistan:

August the month of independence for 2 big countries of subcontinent, India and Pakistan. Sub-continent remained a British colony from 1858–1947. The people of united India did not wanna bare British rulers anymore and they start freedom movement. Because the British government adopts brutality and injustice polices. The up rises of the subcontinent in the 19th century was becoming the cause of Independence of Pakistan and India.

The Freedom After So much Sacrifices:

The People of Pakistan get their freedom on the date of 14th August and the next day, which is 15th August become independent day of India. 14th August, the independence day of Pakistan not an ordinary day for People of Pakistan. In this day the big part of sub-continent had turned into an Islamic State with the name if Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

How do we celebrate independence day in Pakistan

14th August also called “Yom-e-Isteqlal” People of Pakistan celebrate their freedom with great devotions and passion. On this day Pakistani people got their own identity and values. The Greatest Hero Quaid-e-Azam and their companions done restless efforts for providing Muslims of Pakistan their own identity.

According to the lunar caller people of Pakistan got their freedom on most pious nigh to the holly Month Ramzan. It was 27th night The Laylat al-Qadr when the people of Pakistan examine interdependence.

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Pakistan Day – 14th August:pakistan day celebrations

14th August, although it’s an ordinary day for other national but its most special day for the people of Pakistan. Pakistan becomes sovereign state and appear on the map of the world. Now, regardless there are many other problems and political crisis, people of Pakistan examine but, they got their freedom. Religious freedom, equal and complete freedom for minorities and majority for performing their religious activities, business and freedom of expression.

Pakistan Independence day Parade:

pakistan day parade

The people of Pakistan, one of the most patriotic nation of the world. They respect and honor their freedom heroes and show their love and dedication on 14th August. Official holiday observed country wide on Independence Day of Pakistan. Flag raising ceremonies held in government institute and organization. Independence Day parade held in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Pakistani prime minister and president present the Independence Day speeches. The promise and interest of Unity, Faith and discipline highlighted.

How People Celebrate independence Day in Pakistan?

The People of Pakistan celebrate Independence Day with great devotions. They Visit national monuments. Pakistani flag painted faces youngsters visit parks and enjoy riding with their beloved. Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, which is now named as Iqbal Park full of visitors. People visit Wahaga-Border flag raising ceremony. Quaid-e-Azam mausoleum also full of people, guard’s changing ceremony on Quaid- e Azam mausoleum held and people love and devoted to see this beautiful and memorable moments. People enjoy Pakistan interdependence day parade held in Islamabad. National Hero’s monuments visited by the families on Independence Day of Pakistan.

Information about pakistan independence day

independence day of Pakistan

Independence Day of Pakistan implies as a day when we had our freedom from British Government Raj. We got our own sovereign Islamic Country, where we can perform any activity. Pakistan appeared in 1947 as a sovereign state. On the day of Pakistan Independence, the endeavors of our national heroes are acknowledged and celebrated and a day when we get our name and regard. Being Muslims, we have our own particular values, conventions and religion. We are completely differ from other religions in Sub-continent. On this day the Muslims of united India thanks to the Allah Almighty for giving such a beautiful piece of land.

People pay tribute to our national heroes like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Alama Muhammad Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. We Muslims praise this day with complete devotions and the joy of being live in an independent country where we appreciate the flexibility of living inside and out. Pakistan is a vote based parliamentary government Islamic republic state. Pakistan independence celebration observed in all four provinces, including Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Azad Kashmir with full of excitement and devotions.

As subjects of free Pakistan, we should consider the qualities and standards which were in the hearts of the individuals who battled and yielded for our freedom. They depicted motivation from the qualities sustained in the nation through ages. Presently we are living as an autonomous country, which is getting a charge out of the considerable number of marvels, charismas of their own country. Being a free and self-particular country, it’s our obligation to serve our nation with our best.

pakistan day paradePakistan got their freedom after great amount of sacrifices. Muslims of united India could not perform their religious activates in sub-continent and treated as hateful people by the Hindus and British. They have never given equal rights from the British government and treated as 1857 war criminals. They never has equal rights compare to Hindus. The doors of government jobs and moral values were almost shut down on Muslims. This caused a major freedom movement. Under the leadership of Great Quaid-e-Azam and his companions we got Pakistan. Many of our families lost their lives only for the freedom of their imminent generations, for the sake of independent land where all the Muslims can offer their religious duties with their own wish and freedom.

How to celebrate Independence day In Pakistan:

On upcoming date of  14th August Pakistan would observe his 70th independence day. On this day we ought to work entire heatedly and with complete commitment for the improvement of our cherished country. We should remember the sacrifices of our freedom moment heroes. We should remember the ideology of Pakistan. And work even harder to turn this Beautiful Muslim state of Pakistan as the Strongest Muslim country of the world. We should work honestly, and represent our nation as an honest nation in the world. There are plenty of opportunities and talent the country of Pakistan have. Our youngsters are most motivated guys of the world, all our needs, just do our work honestly to turn this county as strongest Islam’s Castle.

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14th august celebration in pakistan

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