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gernal knowledge about china

7 Facts about China That you’ll want to know

General Knowledge about China that will increase your Knowledge:

This fact that China is largest Economy of the world you already know but today we will tell you some incredibly amazing facts about china that you probably not know. After familiar these facts about china you will love to share and discourse when you are buying a china made product.

One more thing about this information of China you can replay those people who say that you are wasting your time over internet. Now you are learning.

When Traffic Jams happened in Beijing its Costs $ 11.3 Billion.

Trafic issue in bejing

Beijing air pollution same like smoking a circuit pack in a day.


It’s a fact that toilet papers was invented by China, but was only for emperors.

china invent toilet papers

Do you think that fortune cookies are traditional Chinese custom, you are wrong

Chines fortune cookies

Eggs cooked in virgin boy’s pees is a delicacy.

Chine Police are trained to place their arms at an exact height for preforming traditional military parade.


The needle is deliberately placed in uniform to keep officers standing at attention.



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