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symptoms of adhd in adults

ADHD Symptoms

What causes ADHD?

ADHD is basically a brain problem. Scientist urged that the neurotransmitter, a chemical messenger in the brain do not work properly in ADHD person. Perhaps it seems to be a structural change in the human brain. There are several factors involved in this mysterious Adult ADHD problem. It seems to be true that genetic factor is the most important one. It has been examined that ADHD child has a close relevant with this disorder.

Three types of main symptoms have been examined in such type of children. Most children have intention symptom while some children have hyperactivity and impulsivity symptom. There are some other types of children, which have a mixture of both.

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Symptoms of ADHD

Children with ADHD can have problems with inattention (being unable to concentrate), hyperactivity (always being ‘on the go’) and impulsivity (lack of self-control). When assessing ADHD, hyperactivity and impulsivity tend to be grouped together.

It is true that children suffered with this ADHD problem with inattention unable to concentrate, lack of self control and hyperactivity are big symptoms of ADHD disorder.

Following are the major factors seen in ADHD adults.

  • Person shows careless mistakes
  • Unable to follow through on instructions
  • This person can distracted easily
  • It’s become more difficult to concentrate on a topic.
  • Person has difficulties playing quietly
  • When he/she play a game find hard to move its tern
  • Does not seem to listen
  • Always talk excessively
  • Being a student blurts out answer before questions being asked.
  • ADHD adult run about in inappropriate situations

How to Manage ADHD

If you examine attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AHDH) in your child, then these things, will help you out to eliminate it.

Developing a behavior management plan for your child involves getting a balance between what you expect your child to do and what your child actually can do. It’s also about setting up a daily routine, clear rules and consequences for your child’s behavior.

Behavior strategies should meet strategies for a better sleep, strategies for the classroom and a healthy physical activity as well as eating habits. A nutrient medication habit is most important for your child. Design a strategy which becomes a fun for your child, he/she enjoy it while performing it.

A proper and good plan usually based on professional advice that follow-up according to the situation of our child and family. A good plan will consider all aspects of your child routines.

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