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chose android over ios

4 Reasons insists You to Chose Android over IPhone

Why android is better than Apple

Every Smart phone user know that Google and android are big competitors of each other, both have their own operating systems for their mobile devices. The latest version of android OS in the market is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Well in the same way Apple announced its latest version of iOS. 9th version of iOS is now available in apple’s latest mobile devices which are iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S.

In this article we will figure out that how both Apple and Android OS makes their better then each other.
Apple iPhones still shows improvement over Android cell phones, while the Android has rapidly grown up in just a couple of years. Today, we’ll discover that how Android smart phone which are available in every sizes and prices as well as well-designed and more efficient compare to apple IPhone.

Truth be told, there are huge amounts of reasons, why it is ideal to pick Android cell phones over the iPhone. Below are some reasons:

Google Services:

Android smart phones that are available in all sizes and prices in market comes with huge Google services for example email, cloud services universal search and Google Browser.

Great option of customization:

Android mobiles gives you full freedom to enjoy full customization of your mobile. You may have full freedom to change your devices look and feel by installing launchers and all that.

Google Now:

The voice recognition is turning into an undeniably imperative corner in the mobile OS. Google presented an upgraded voice recognition feature for his latest Android version Marshmallow 6.0. With the new Google Now, you can without much of a stretch get to everything that you need, much the same as the Siri in iPhone.

Huge Variety of devices:

Every year apple launch tow new version of IPhone in this running year apple had launched its iPhone 6s and IPhone 6 Plus. When we see android, there are huge amounts of Android cell phones hitting the business sector consistently. Further, there will be bunches of options to get the Android smartphones, these are available in different prices as well as size. So the result is that Android is better choice as compare to Apple iPhone if you have a plan to buy a smart phone.

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