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50 Fun Facts About Dairy Cows and Milk

cow facts

Surprising Cow Facts: There are records of cows being milked as early as 9000 B.C. One cow can provide enough milk for about 14 people. Cow can sleep standing up on their legs. Cows like sleep close to their families and their sleeping arrangements reflect their respective ranking in social …

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11 Advantages of Holland Dairy Cow Import in Pakistan

Dutch cow breeds

Dutch cow breed Dairy benefits: No doubt Netherlands trustworthy for Agri advancements and healthy dairy cattle producing country. Holland also competing dairy market with world’s best cow breeds, including most popular Dutch Holstein Fresian cattle. Pakistan is also ranked well in the list of top milk producing countries in the …

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Complete Guide: How to activate Zong Weekly Internet Package?

latest zong 3g/4g-internet-packages

Zong 4G Internet Packages Details Zong: The cellular company in Pakistan that become overnight fame after wining 4G license in spectrum auction held in Islamabad on April, 2014. Company goes on fire after getting 4G license and introduced plenty of 3G/4G internet Packages. After bloom in mobile industry Pakistan people …

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Malaysian Plywood Doors in Pakistan


Plywood doors designs in Pakistan: When you come to buy stylish panel door in Pakistan, Malaysian doors are your first priority. These doors are comes in different size colors and designs in the Market. We have listed some most popular Malaysian panel door designs. You may love to put one among these …

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Panel Doors Pakistan


Panel door designs in Pakistan Panel doors are most popular door type in Pakistan. These doors are made up with 2 sheets of Panel with filling of wooden stuff. Some panel doors supplier in Pakistan imports panel from Malaysia, Indonesia and turkey. Local made panel doors are also available in the …

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Aamir Khan Dangal Movie Official Trailer

dangal movie trailer

Dangal Trailer: Watch the trailer of Dangal, the most awaiting Indian Movie based on true a story. Its sports biography pic based on Mahavir Singh and his two daughters name Geeta and Babita Phogat. Amir Khan played the role of Mahavir Singh, who wish that God blessed him with a baby boy so that he …

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