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best wirless chrger for android

Best Wireless Chargers For Android And Apple Devices

Why Need A Wireless Charger?

A fast and reliable charger is the necessity for everyone these days to quickly charge their smartphone these days. When the battery runs out, it beings to show alerts that it is 10% or less and needs immediate charging to keep the phone alive. It is disappointing to find out that despite your best effort to find the charger late at night in the dark and put the cord in, the phone still refuses to charge. You flip the cord upside down and try again until it becomes frustrating to use the charger with cord.

What To Look For in a Wireless Charger ?

A lot of people go through this incredibly frustrating situation when they desperately need the charger. The wireless charger is a simple and easily affordable solution to such annoyances at night. There is no need to repeatedly flip the cord in the phone to start charging. A wireless charger saves you from the hassle and they can be plugged in without the cords until the charging is complete. The features you can look for in a wireless charger depend on the brand of your smartphone.

wireless-chargerAlmost all the wireless chargers use Qi standard for various smartphone brands. Make sure that your smartphone device is compatible with the wireless charger. You can choose from many different models to suit your needs. The main purpose of the wireless charger is to get rid of chords, you are free to choose many different colors and sizes available.

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Best Wireless Chargers of 2016

Today’s high-end iPhones, Windows phone and Android devices can use Qi as well as the PMA standard wireless chargers. Let us discover the best wireless charger of 2016.


Wireless Chargers Prices & Brands

Spigen F300W

Spigen has come up with a brand new F300W Qi wireless charger in 2016. It contains three coils and a light indicator for showing that the phone is charging. This nice lovely charger is available for cheap price $26 and also looks good in design and beautiful style.

Anker Powerport Qi Charging Pad

Available within the incredible price range of $14, the new Anker Powerport Qi wireless charging pad is the most elegant item attracting smartphone customers in 2016. It contains a LED light for showing charging status, it has an 18 months warranty with the latest technology to prevent it from overheating.

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

Samsung latest fast charging wireless stand was launched with Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. This is a super fast charging device as compared to other wireless chargers. It is available in white and black colors. The price is also reasonable for $42.

Ikea Nordmark

The new Ikea NORDMÄRKE wireless charging device has the capability of charging multiple-devices at the same time. It can charge up to 3 different smartphones simultaneously and Qi standard. It is a beautiful new Scandinavian design and available in the price range of $65.

NeWisdom Wireless Charger For iPhone

The new NeWisdom wireless charger can charge your Phone incredibly fast. With NeWisdom on, you can play games, watch movies, read ebooks or send emails on your iPhone with no worries. It is available in the price range of under $100 and makes charging fun.





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