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Simple Fitness Plan for Ladies

Simple Work Out Plan and Diet Plan for Women

Every single person want to be fit and healthy, but lot of work schedule pull out a person toward it and finding the time for fitness become so much difficult. Today we will discuss a custom work out plan. This plan not only makes you able to work out in less time but also improve your chances to work out in the first place.

First round is Fat losing:

If you decide to lose your fat which decreases your self-confidence and makes your look ugly than you should be incorporate with strength training and cardio every week which we have planned for you. No matter that you have not enough time to work out but once you take it as a goal then it will become a fun to do it.

Start Strength Training:

Strength training consists on an exercise plan which you can do easily with your busy schedule. In this plan 2 upper body and two lower body work out should be done by you in a week. If you are particularly sore then you could give yourself a 48-hour break. Its helps your muscle groups to recover from soreness.

Do Cardio:

Make a complete cardio plan for a week. It could be a 4-6 day plan low-intensity long cardio or some kind of high-intensity cardio. It might be a combination of the two. You have freedom to build a cardio plan which has a rest for two day a week.

Diet Plan:

Make a healthy diet plane according to your boy. Here we discuss a diet plan which is equally important for all type of bodies either it is skinny body or fat tummy body.

Your Diet plane should at least meet with following ingredients.

Grains: 10 ounce

Vegetables: 4 Cups

Fruits: 2.5 Cups

Dairy: 3 Cups

Protein Food: 7 ounces


Stretching is one of the most important part of your custom fitness plan. This plan you should apply 4-7 day in a week.  It is best to do just light, brief time stretching before and instantly after workouts and long span restorative stretching a few hours after your workout is finished.

As you know that proper nutrition balanced with a good weight training and cardio exercise can help to you for gaining your deserving goals. Personal training is best way for individual of all age who require some training to accomplish their health and fitness.

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