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Dutch cow breeds

11 Advantages of Holland Dairy Cow Import in Pakistan

Dutch cow breed Dairy benefits:

No doubt Netherlands trustworthy for Agri advancements and healthy dairy cattle producing country. Holland also competing dairy market with world’s best cow breeds, including most popular Dutch Holstein Fresian cattle. Pakistan is also ranked well in the list of top milk producing countries in the word. Pakistani farmers are always fascinated by the potential growth of Holland in the dairy sector. They want to know how to import cows from Holland in Pakistan.

Here in this article we will provide informative staff that helps Pakistani farmers to figure out how Holstein Frisian can help to optimize dairy productions and how they can meet reliable supplier of dutch Dairy Cattle in Pakistan?

  1. Best Dairy Cow Breed
  2. Healthy Horned Cow Family
  3. Average Weight of friesian cattle
  4. Climate Friendly
  5. Friesian cow Longevity
  6. Calves per lifetime born
  7. Excellent beef yield
  8. Frequent lactations
  9. Milk production of Friesian cattle
  10. Herd protein levels
  11. How to Import Holland


1. Best Dutch Milk Cow Breed for Farmers:

Back over 2000 years ago, the first family of Dutch Friesian cows breeds appeared. Since appearance, this cow breed’s excellent dairy quality has been fascinating farmers for optimum milk production.

Over the time with modern dairy technology this breed has been bespoke a quality choice for accelerating milk production for farms. Dutch cows have the highest longevity in comparison with all other countries that mean

2. Healthy Horned Cow Family:

It is beautiful horned cow breed. Consistently cross breeding has turned this dairy breed that inherits one fourth to three-fourths of Holstein. Red and white Friesian cattle are seen in small numbers.

Originally Holstein is Germany oriented cow, on the other side Friesian came from beautiful Holland. Friesian cow by skin color ton, available in Red and white or black and white.

Present day Friesians have a white coat with typical, strongly characterized dark patches.

3. Average Weigh of Friesian cow:

590 kg when a Friesian cow touches the boundary of maturity. That mean male Friesian cow can be a good source for red meat production boost.

Let us surprising with another fact about Holstein Friesian Cattle, historical records elaborate that some beef cattle on Friesian family actually reach over 1.2 tons of weight.


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4. Climate Friendly

Dutch Holstein Friesian Cows are climate friendly as well as resistant to heat stress to a certain level. This cow breed is superb for Pakistani climate and the best choice if you wish to enhance your dairy production. The Pakistani dairy sector has a marvelous potential to energetically develop the dairy sector.

5. Dutch Friesian cow Longevity

In terms of longevity, this cattle breed is superb, for those who are worrying for herd enlargement or replacement, this breed tends into the best category for both milk and beef production.

6. A higher number of calves per lifetime born

They have phenomenal conception rates, with a higher number of calves per lifetime destined to Friesians than other dairy cattle of their kind.

Heifers ought to be able to impregnate after they have achieved 13 months of age. Calves are conceived at a weight of around 40kg by and large.

7. Excellent beef yields

Male calves from Friesians are viewed as exceptionally important, as in full development they create magnificent meat yields in spite of the breed’s essentially dairy foundation.

They flourish in fast, serious meat creation forms, making them perfect for ranchers going for a short completing period.

8. Frequent lactations

These cows are regularly adulated for their incessant lactations! Normal Friesian dairy animals have around 4 lactations in their lifetime, however, some are asserted to have an amazing 10 to 14 lactations from brushing on both upland and swamp pastures.

9. Milk Production of Friesian cow

All through the normal Dutch Holstein Friesian dairy animal’s lifetime, a cow can produce around 25,000 liters of milk and nearly 9,000 kg of fats and proteins.

10. Herd Protein levels

Another limelight attribute of this Dutch cow breed is herd protein level: 3.4% are often reported that is the main reason behind its recommendation for Pakistan.

How to import Holland cow

To get more help in selecting the right cow breed for your farm, approach CowEx: delivering the healthy and profitable livestock worldwide.

The company is known as the pioneer for Cow import from Holland.

The best part of Cloudagri’s services are they take all possible hygiene measures and guarantee the animal welfare. CowEx® of Cloudagri provides include Holstein cow, Jersey and Brown Swiss Holstein Friesian cattle which are imported mainly from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark and the US.


Infographics, elaborating well how Holstein-Friesian Cows (Dutch Cow breed) are perfect for Farms:


Dutch dairy Cattle

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