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holstein cow facts

21 Holstein cow Facts, the world’s leader in Milk Production

Holstein cow facts:

A well known Dutch cow breed Holstein always a first priority of farmers to accelerate dairy production. This news feed shell helps farmers to recognize Holstein cow facts.

Top cow breed in USA:

One of the most popular dairy cow breed in USA. Dairy farmers trust this breed due to its optimal dairy characteristics

Weight and height:

Normally the height of Holstein cow is around 5 feet tall. Holstein as beef cattle also a profitable decision for beef producers. Holstein meat also distinguished due to its nutritional fact.

Healthy and good Udders:

This characteristic of Holstein is most anticipated fact that fascinate farmers to breed Holstein cattle for farming. Holstein cows have pliable non-pendulous udders, firmly attached with strong suspensory ligaments high up near the vulva region this enhance the breeding and milk production value.

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Historical fact:

Holstein originally a Holland cow breed imported in 1800 to America and European regions.

Largest breed:

Holstein world wide known as largest and healthy dairy cattle breed.

Average age:

That natural age of Holstein is about 5.6 years

Doted skin coat:

Holstein breed recognized by distinguishing black and white spots. Red and White Holstein cow also available, but in rare magnitude.

Holstein cow price in India:

On an average this cow breed available in Indian market from 35000₹ to 90000₹.

Holsteins milked Per day:

Holsteins milked three times a day have been known to produce over 72,000 pounds of milk a year.

Calve born per annum:

Conception rates of Holstein cow are phenomenal they have the highest number of calve born in life span.

  • High fats and proteins in the milk.
  • Improvement of beef and milk production and cow life span.
  • Lower winnowing rates, which implies less substitutions.
  • More ripe and more healthy dairy animals.
  • Strong feet and legs
  • Climate friendly breed for milk and beef
  • Frequent lactation: 3.2 lactation in their lifetime,
  •  An average Holstein fresian cattle produce 26,000 litters of milk in life span
  • More healthier calve born average
  • Average weight of fresain cattle is around 560 KG
  • This breed is equally popoular for milk and beef production.

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