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holstein cow facts

21 Holstein cow Facts, the world’s leader in Milk Production

Holstein cow facts:

A well known Dutch cow breed Holstein always a first priority of farmers to accelerate dairy production. This news feed shell helps farmers to recognize Holstein cow facts.

The cattle breed that farmers trust to boost dairy can meet production HF cow suited to every environment. healthy udders, nutritious meet, environment friendly, Frequent lactation and highest number of calve born makes HF cow distinguish from rest of the dairy cow breeds.

1. Top cow breed in USA:

One of the most popular dairy cow breed in USA. Dairy farmers trust this breed due to its optimal dairy characteristics.

2. Weight and height:

Normally the height of Holstein cow is around 5 feet tall. Holstein as beef cattle also a profitable decision for beef producers. Holstein meat also distinguished due to its nutritional fact.

3. Healthy and good Udders:

This characteristic of Holstein is most anticipated fact that fascinate farmers to breed Holstein cattle for farming. Holstein cows have pliable non-pendulous udders, firmly attached with Suspensory System ligaments high up near the vulva region this enhance the breeding and milk production value.

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4. Historical fact:

Holstein originally a Holland cow breed imported in 1800 to America and European regions.

5. Largest breed:

Holstein world wide known as largest and healthy dairy cattle breed.

6. Average age:

That natural age of Holstein is about 5.6 years

7. Doted skin coat:

Holstein breed recognized by distinguishing black and white spots. Red and White Holstein cow also available, but in rare magnitude.

8. Holstein cow price in India:

On an average this cow breed available in Indian market from 35000₹ to 90000₹.

9. Holsteins milked Per day:

Holsteins milked three times a day have been known to produce over 72,000 pounds of milk a year.

10. Calve born per annum:

Conception rates of Holstein cow are phenomenal they have the highest number of calve born in life span.

11. High fats and proteins in the milk.

12. Improvement of beef and milk production and cow life span.

13. Lower winnowing rates, which implies less substitutions.

14. More ripe and more healthy dairy animals.

15. Strong feet and legs

16. Climate friendly breed for milk and beef

17. Frequent lactation: 3.2 lactation in their lifetime,

18. An average Holstein fresian cattle produce 26,000 litters of milk in life span

19. More healthier calve born average

20. Average weight of fresain cattle is around 560 KG

21. This breed is equally popular for milk and beef production.

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