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how to select best web hosting in Pakistan

Beginner Guide: How to Find best Featured Web Hosting Plan in Pakistan?

You wish to start a website in Pakistan? Actually its a good decision to find more potential client for your business or service. There are plenty of reasons that present age of internet acquire from us to start our own website. People now have easy excess of Internet thanks to the smart mobile devices make it possible for us.

Now people first explore internet to find something they desire in their routine life. Mobile internet provider companies in Pakistan played a vital role in his regard. Weekly and daily internet packages let the people to connect the world anytime to find something special for us.

Internet has produced unlimited opportunities for new and existing businesses to find best potential clients online. For example you are doing a business of producing panel doors in Pakistan you may present different kind of door designs to your client one line and leave them a pre-level impression on them.


  1. After sales support matters allot
  2. Disk storage/Server Space?
  3. Price range of different web hosting Packages in Pakistan
  4. What is Bandwidth? How it effect Website Traffic?
  5. Different kinds of Web hosting Control panel: Linux | Windows
  6. Physical Server Location
  7. How to Find a best domain name
  8. What is CMS (content management system)?
  9. Most Popular CMS
  10. Conclusion


So, we have examine that how important the web appearance for finding potential clients. Those peoples never know how to start a website in Pakistan this article would help them to do so with limited budget.


  1. After sales support matters allot:

best hosting support provider in pakistan

First of all find a reliable web hosting company in Pakistan. When we discuss the reliable its mean invest with a good company that offer you balanced package plan with after sales support.

For starting website we actually need host which give you access on online servers to host your web’s files, folders and content.

Your web application actually a bunch of different king of files that you put into a physical server with a unique web address which is your domain name.


  1. Disk storage/Server Space?

Normally Pakistani companies claim they are providing unlimited disk space in their particular hosting package but it’s actually not just a political stamen. Have you ever purchased a disk space drive or flash drive that has unlimited space? It’s actually a dream which have no physical reality.


  1. Price range of different web hosting Packages in Pakistan:

For getting initiative you need low cost web hosting plan with limited resources. All you need for presenting your product online a space of 1GB to 300 GB in shared web hosting plan is more than enough in this regard. In Pakistan its cost 1700  to 7000 PKR.


  1. What is Bandwidth? How it effect Website Traffic?

what is bandwidth

Now second thing is monthly bandwidth usage. Bandwidth is actually the measurement scale for finding that a how much time a website being loaded on a any browser within month.

Pakistani market has almost 500 web hosting companies that are claiming they are providing huge bandwidth resources.  When you are starting a new web site then more 15GB to 500 Gb bandwidth limit is enough for you.


  1. Different kinds of Web hosting Control panel:

If you are developing a custom web application which is made with PHP as development language and MySQL as data base then you need Linux web hosting. When you are designing web application with Microsoft .Net proving atmosphere then its obvious your server would be MSSQL, you would go with Windows hosting with Plesk panel control.


  1. Physical Server Location:

Server location matter allot in term of website loading speed. Ask you service provider to allocate resources into servers that have lowest ping time. It would affect your website loading speed. American and Canadian servers normally have lower ping time.


How to Find a best domain name:

You have booked a plot into a physical server that is located in DATA center now you are gonna assign it an address which is domain name. How to select a good domain name is the main question mostly people ask when they deciding to start a website.

Mostly people go with .com domain name become its most common domain people know but, of you are targeting Pakistani market for finding  good local customers then you shell go with .pk domain name which is country code domain extension for Pakistan.

how to select domain name in pakistan

There are countless benefits for selecting a .pk domain one of the major is you get low competition for ranking your website well in domestic Pakistan internet. Google search prefer those entities and rank them well which targeting geographically.

You all done with finding a web hosting plan in Pakistan now, let me tell you something that you never know if you are beginner. You development phase of web application can be shortened if you select open source CMS for your web appearance. Internet is full of resources in this regards.

What is CMS?cms hosting pakistan

CMS is content management system with countless themes and templates over the internet. World most popular CMS is WordPress. When you select cPanel web hosting your host has mange a complete section of WordPress installation in it. Mostly it’s just a matter of some click s to install WordPress. On the off chance you never know how to install WordPress, and then consult your hosting company they mostly can help you in installation or present you a pre-installed WordPress hosting as well.

Some of most popular CMS are as following:

5 Most Popular CMS:

  • WordPress
  • Open cart
  • Mojento
  • Wocommrace
  • Presta shop


Hope this article helps you to find a good web hosting plan in Pakistan, if any suggestion you can make to make it briefer then we would say you welcome. All you need just state you review in comment section and we would help you as much as we can.

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