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Malaysian Plywood Doors in Pakistan

Plywood doors designs in Pakistan:

When you comes to buy stylish panel door in Pakistan, Malaysian doors are your first priority. These doors are comes in different size colors and designs in the Market. We have listed some most popular Malaysian panel door designs. You may love to put one among these doors at your room entrance.

Normally, when we came across to choose entrance or room doors panel doors and plywood doors are top priority of us. The main reason behind it these doors are available in market with different designs, stylish and shapes. Most importantly plywood doors in Pakistan are cheap and convenient for even low income person.

Some of more trendy designs in plywood, ash wood doors, wooden and panel doors are listed below. Perhaps you would choose one of them for your house. If you need expert advice, we have listed Carpenter consultant contact number. You might call him to have suggestion regard doors and wooden work in Pakistan.


Contact carpenter consultant for advice in choosing perfect materialized doors and hardware: 0321-4313087

Malaysian Panel doors Designs:

These doors are tend into most economical doors options. Plenty of reasons over there that convenience you to select Malaysian doors in Pakistan some are as following:

Different Designs availability.

Labor is economical.

Plenty of hardware choices like, locks, Hinges, skins est.

Available across Pakistan, even small hardware door shops carry it on their display.

Over all look an feel is great.

Economical doors.

Measurement Stander for doors is Square foot:


Malaysian Panel door rates:  195/sq.ft without hardware.


Stander Size of Bed room door: 22.75 Sq.ft

Stander Size of Washroom door size: 15.75 Sq.ft

195*22.75 = 4436

195*15.75 = 3071

Bedroom Malaysian Panel door Rate: PKR. 4436/-

Washroom: Malaysian Panel door Rate: PKR. 3070/- 


1. Capsule Design Malaysian Door:


2. Four Molding Panel Door Design:


3. Six Molding Panel Door Design:


4. Egg Panel door Design:

5. Rounded Center Panel Door Design:moulded-skin-doors-pakistan

Explore More Malaysian Panel Door Designs: 


Panel door designs with Glass:

Available with customized glass and hardware.

Wooden Door Design:

Pakistani wood market has very rich culture in term of wood crafting and designing. Skillful workers are available easily in the market. You may explore market, one of most famous market place for doors and hardware Product is Biden road. These doors are custom made you can get rates according to materiel you have selected for your door product.

Ash Wood door Designs:

After Malaysian panel skins there doors are most popular door product in the market. Ash-wood doors are also available in different designs and skins. You may visit market for explore latest ash wood door designs.

Sanded rates for these doors are sq.ft.

Ash-wood door available in market in 240/sq.ft with out hardware.


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One Panel wooden door design:

This door is crafted with solid wood with beautiful graphery work. You may selective as per Solid wood materiel is concern. Normally cal-wood, ash-wood and dyar-wood are most popular wood materiel in the market.

Latest Plywood door design:


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