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21 Mehndi Designs for Eid | 5th is My Favorite

Latest Mahndi Designs for Eid ul Fitr

Now those Muslim ladies  who are  just excited for putting latest mehndi design on their palm, arm, foots for the event of Eid ul Adha. Here we present latest mahndi designs 2018.

Muslim Ummah now just few days away from Eid, we pray that this season brings allot of happiness and prosperity to all Muslim ummah and every human been. As we all know that when Eid season comes closer markets are full with buyers either its ladies or gents. Ladies normally spent more time compare to jents as choice of a product always a choosy work for ladies men spent less time although these days men are also becomes very conscious as like ladies. Men now visit parlor for all that makeover which was once only for ladies.

Mahndi Parlors these days are full with ladies. Ladies shop different types of stuff like jewelry, mehndi, breslet, cloth and latest boot of mahndi designs. Now what if we list most trendy as well as simple mehndi design for up coming Eid.

Here we list most attractive and  mehndi design pictures for Eid you would put into your palm, arms and foots,


Flower Mehndi design:

This design is unique and easy, the beautiful flower curves are simple to craft with the nib of con mehndi. Straight lines of and beautiful pattern designs makes it simple to craft even your younger sister can put this into your palm with love and smile on her face.


Pattern combination design:

This design said to be more attractive due to one basic reason ans that is curves of leafs and stunning combination of patterns. This design coves whole half of your arm and fetch the eye of your beloved due to its uniqueness.



10 Minute Ready Mehndi Design:

Well, this design represent it self as simple mehndi design due to its summitry for the whole hand. From the tip of your index figure toward your wrist you can put this design in just 10 minutes.


Ribbon Style Mehndi Design:

This pattern will suit your outfit that has ribbon styling, its covers your wrist and fill your fingers with simple and attractive curves of leafs with center pivot big flower on your hand.



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