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Narendra Modi Now “Most stupid Prime Minister”

Google lists Modi now stupid Prime Minister

After listing among top ranked criminals of the world once again Google makes fun of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time ‘Most stupid Prime Ministers in the world‘.

Go to the Google image search and write the keyword “Most Stupid Prime Ministers In The World” you will find Modi top of the list. Well, most of the Indians concur that Narendra Modi, is maybe one of the best Prime Ministers of the nation, Google completely disagreed. Truth be told, Google considers Narendra Modi as a standout amongst the most stupid Prime Ministers of the world.

Well, it’s a second time that Google gives an honor to the Indian prime minister. Before this, it placed Narendra Modi under Top 10 Criminals of the world. In this list some other names are ex-prime minister of Thailand Abhisit Vejjajiva and Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key.

Indias Most Stupid Prime Minister Guess the shock last time by Indians was not adequate for Google, as it has now done something exceptionally aggravating and irritating, which will absolutely not run well with the vast majority of the Indians.

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