halloween history Celebrations, costume ideas

Halloween History – How People Celebrate Halloween ?

What is Event of Halloween? Halloween is also known as Hallow’s Eve and is an event celebrated in a large number of countries every year. Each year, the day of 31 October and it is celebrated to dedicate memories to the dead people including the saints and all the faithful …

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10 Most Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Top 10 health benefits of coffee Well, there are many rumours that coffee is bad for health. But, when we see the real nutritious benefits of Coffee then we will think twice for raising question is coffee bad for you? What are the coffee benefits for men? Coffee can actually …

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best wirless chrger for android

Best Wireless Chargers For Android And Apple Devices

Why Need A Wireless Charger? A fast and reliable charger is the necessity for everyone these days to quickly charge their smartphone these days. When the battery runs out, it beings to show alerts that it is 10% or less and needs immediate charging to keep the phone alive. It …

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Cosmetic Surgery vs plastic surgery

Difference Between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery vs Cosmetic Surgery A lot of people have the wrong notion that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are one of the same things. If you are also thinking like that, then no worries. We are going to erase these thoughts from your mind and present a clear picture of …

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youm e ashura history

The History of Ashurah 10th Day of Muharram – Waqia Karbala

History 0f Muharam ul Haram Muslims across the world observe Muharram as the first month of the Islamic calendar, marking it as the New Year. Muharram is also commemorated to remember the Waqia Karbala, the brutal assassination of Hazrat Imam Husain Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and his supporters at …

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