Samsung galaxy s5 neo price in pakistan

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Specifications

A good news for Samsung smart phone lovers, the company has finally launched his latest Neo version. The Samsung Galaxy s5 Neo finally hit the market with lots of new excited features. The smartphone is in its hearts simply like a popular one Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 Neo Features: The front screen a 5.1″ Super AMOLED …

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anwar ali ining against australia

Anwar Ali’s at his Best, 46 of 17 Ball

Anwar Ali hit a massive inning against Sri Lank and win the hearts of millions of Pakistanis. He scored a massive 46 in just 17 balls. Anwar when strolled down the ground the match was towards the support of the Srilankans. Afridi worked to win, but he got out on …

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gernal knowledge about china

7 Facts about China That you’ll want to know

General Knowledge about China that will increase your Knowledge: This fact that China is largest Economy of the world you already know but today we will tell you some incredibly amazing facts about china that you probably not know. After familiar these facts about china you will love to share …

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5 Romantic & Easy 5-Minutes Hairstyles for Ladies

Attractive Ladies hairstyles for Eid Festival: I swear I’m a lazy lady. I have never enough time to spend in parlor due the busy scheduled and timing of my office. Normally when you ask a house wife that, are you a morning lady she said that obviously I am. But …

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how to make a good resume

5 Words That Can Make Your Resume More Noticeable!

How to write a resume? A person who is seeking a job will agreed with me that the job market becomes tougher as compare to the past. Jobseekers need to go the additional mile and be as intensive as would be possible with respect to their job search. As you …

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most stopid prime minister

Narendra Modi Now “Most stupid Prime Minister”

Google lists Modi now stupid Prime Minister After listing among top ranked criminals of the world once again Google makes fun of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time ‘Most stupid Prime Ministers in the world‘. Go to the Google image search and write the keyword “Most Stupid Prime Ministers …

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symptoms of adhd in adults

ADHD Symptoms

What causes ADHD? ADHD is basically a brain problem. Scientist urged that the neurotransmitter, a chemical messenger in the brain do not work properly in ADHD person. Perhaps it seems to be a structural change in the human brain. There are several factors involved in this mysterious Adult ADHD problem. …

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child adhd sympthums

What is Child ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD is a developmental disorder in children as well as adults. It affects children’s behavior. Children found difficulties in learning and can’t give attention to any of the topics which you will discuss with ADHD effective child. Normally, if this behavior, …

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pink Himalayan salt benefits

10 Miracal Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalayan pink salt benefits Before discussing the miracle benefits of Himalayan pink salt, let us explore “The Himalayas” to gaining some valuable knowledge about the tallest mountains in the world. Himalayan Mountains have spam about 2400 Kilometer across Asia. You will amaze to know that where these pleased mountains now …

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