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Panel door designs in Pakistan

Panel doors are most popular door type in Pakistan. These doors are made up with 2 sheets of Panel with filling of wooden stuff. Some panel doors supplier in Pakistan imports panel from Malaysia, Indonesia and turkey. Local made panel doors are also available in the market. Malaysian panel doors are most popular doors in the Pakistani market. The main reason behind this is that verity of designs and qualities are continent and affordable for even middle to elite class. Most popular panel door designs are six panel pine design, oval shape panel doors, round shape panel doors and arc panel doors.

Malaysian panel doors in Pakistan:

Panel doors that produced in Malaysia are popular round the glob especially in Pakistan. These doors are available in market with different price and designs. Custom made Malaysian doors are also available. You may also get Malaysian panel doors in Pakistan within size of choice. Normally people get these doors to regular use that joint with hinges but slide doors are also available in the market. Different design of Malaysian panel doors is available in this post.

These are most popular Malaysian doors design in Pakistan. Normally you see these in every second home of your street. We have publishes some good designs of Malaysian panel doors. Probably you love to interior your house with these panel doors.

Panel door designs in Pakistan:

Below are some most popular panel doors designs that you wish to have in your home and these doors would defiantly enhance the look of your house drawing room and entrees.

Doors Prices in Pakistan:

Market is full of different types of doors; some popular doors are panel doors, plywood doors, wooden doors, ash wood doors, Malaysian panel doors. Beadon Rd, Lahore market is popular for buying any type of doors, normally shop keepers and dealer set their own prices for doors. It’s depends upon the doors, type, material, size and labor as well. You should explore market for latest prices for all these doors mentions above.


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Oval Shape Panel door Design:


wooden panel door design


Turkish Panel door design:


Stylish door Design:



Popular panel door design:



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