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best food for body builders

6 Protien foods Esenthial for Body Builders

Best Diet Chat for Body Builders:

To gain maximum muscle growth a high quantity of protein rich food is essential. Normally, body builders determined to gain some serious muscle grout as compare to an average person who is not even join Jim for fitness due to time or any other excuse. In this article we will enlist some best protein food for muscle building.

To repair damage muscle tissues proteins are necessary, it’s not only help to work you metabolism smoothly also help to recover and make you stronger. Let me increase you knowledge about protein, it’s actually made of small molecules cells amino acids. In quantity, 20 amino acid requires by human body for synthesis process of protein.

Here is the list of best protein food for gaining some serious musical size.


Eggs are the bundle of vitamins, minerals and carotene, a single boiled egg can feed you 6 gram of protein. For overall health egg contain a good amount of cholesterol and healthy fats, so next time when you buy half dozen of eggs remember this fact and buy full dozen.


beef nutrition factsBeef:

Beef is the essential part of body builder’s diet. Nutrient facts about beef surprised us that it contain the key amino acids which is mandatory for muscle growth. A best source of iron, zinc and vitamin B12 as well as minerals that are essential for testosterone. 100 grams piece of beef contain 25-35 grams of protein, and you better understand that how its help to increase muscle growth.

why fish is important for body buildersFish:

Fish is you friend, 100 grams of fish piece contain 25-28 grams of protein and amino acid, a good fatty fish also a best source of omefa-3 and fatty acids, DHA and EPA which play a good role muscle protein synthesis as well as reduce muscle soreness. So consume a measured amount of fatty and health fish into your diet plan for gaining muscular body.

importance of milk for building muscle Drink Milk:

Milk is the big source of caseino, it is the most essential source of protein for Jim lovers. Milk contain 80 person of casein (slow release protein) and 20 person of whey (fast release protein) that help you muscle building up. Milk is healthy source of calories and fats that are essential for muscle building.

body building diet planSoy:

Soy is known as complete source of protein, this vegetable source of protein is substitute of Milk and best for those who do not feel good with Milk. Soy contain a healthy amount of amino acid and leonine, BCAA that ignites protein synthesis and help muscle growth, Soy is best choice for who what to consume low amount of carbohydrate and fats.

diet plan for body buildersBeans and Legumes

Those who are serious about growing muscle, can’t ignore the power of beans and legumes. Most of people when they start body building think that body building food is all about lean meat, but they never consider beans. Let me tell you some nutrition facts about beans and legumes. Beams not only delicious but a cheap and natural source of protein as well as fiber.




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