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Shahrukh and Mahira khan movie trailer

Do you know why Shahrukh choose Mahira For Raees??

Shahrukh Latest Movie Raees:

Shahrukh khan and Mahira khan’s Reez is in much talk among the movie lovers nowadays. There are two main reasons. One its promising teaser that why we expect a lot from it. Second the cast is so unique. One is Shahrukh and second lady is sensational Mahira Khan, Pakistan’s most favorite and highest paid actress. Shahrukh the the king of romance do their job in Raees.
In an interview when asked by the Shahrukh that why he select Mahira? The answer was:
“She’s beautiful, she’s fantastic and she has a very different style of acting.” “The reason we took her in the film was [that] we wanted it to be very different as far as the leading lady was concerned, and she brings that to the table and much more”

Shah Rukh Khan on Mahira Khan – BBC by etribune
One Social site Twitter a fan asked from Sharukh Described Maheera in One word he wrote as quoted:

@ImmiHamna very earnest and working extremely hard. A bit nervous too but very very good at what she does. It’s a pleasure.”

Shahrukh Latest Movie Raees Release Date:

Movie will hit the cenimas next year the date will be: 8 July, 2016

Shahrukh and Mahira khan movie trailer:

Raees Teaser by etribune

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