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Battle of Karbala, Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S) – Ashura History

Waqia Karbala:

Ashura marks the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain. The Battle of Karbala was fought between Hazrat Imam Hussain and Yazeed Maloon. Th story of Karbala holds an utmost importance in the Islamic history.

Here are two main schools of thought that have divided the Muslim Ummah ever since the Prophet (saw) departed.

A huge community of people believe that the Prophet Muhammad SAW and his sahaba are true pious and are the leaders of Muslim Ummah.

The feud between the different ideologies that existed in Islam were growing with the appointment of Hasrat Abu Bakr (ra), Hasrat Umar Farooq (ra) and then Hasrat Usman (ra) as Caliphas.

Yom e Ashura in Islamic History

The historic war of Karbala was an incredible event in the history of mankind and Islam. The first civil war in Islam took place after the martyrdom of Hasrat Usman (ra).

Supporters of Hasrat Ali (ra) battled against Hasrat Muawiya. They had to fight a large number of anti Islamic supporters for the next position of Calipha. Hazrat Muawiya (ra) was a companion of the Prophet (saw).

Historical background of Battle of Karbala:

History shows that this war of Karbala was the most brutal one in the history which leaves its mark on the human race until the end of time. Even the children of Prophet’s (saw) family joined the battle desperate to uphold the truth or be among the fallen.

The daughter of Hasrat Ali (ra) and sister of Hussain (ra) was hazrat Zainab who was a courageous mother. She had the guts to  allow her young children to join the battle alongside her brothers Hussain and Abbas.

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The young children were martyred as they were outnumbered by the brutal army of disbelievers who hated Islam and its progress in the Arabia.

Hasrat Qassim who was the son of Hassan (ra) joined hands with with Hazrat Aun and Hazrat Muhammad, the dear sons of Zainab were among the first children from the family of holy prophet to sacrifice their lives for the Islam, the religion of Allah and muslims.

Hazrat Imam Hussain and Hazrat Abbas had the courage and bravery of fighting but also bringing the bodies of these young, innocent children back to the tents.

This battle claimed the lives of Abbas and then of Imam Hussain’s son Hazrat Ali Akbar (ra). The youngest child who was mercilessly killed in the battle of Karbala was Imam Hussain’s youngest child Ali Asghar who was just six months old at that time, it was a scenen of horror and shame.

The Events after karbala war:

Later on when the war was over, very disgraceful incidents occurred,when Hazrat Zainab (ra) was to be presented in the court of Yezid, some evidence reveals  that the sun set on Sham rather than any man in that disgraced court see Zainab without her veil.

The sermons of Zainab continued in front of Yezid . When hazrat zaibab was imprisoned her campaign continued, she did not gave up. These events of history were are completely shocking for any human being who has a heart, and the mind finds it hard to contemplate how this occurred with the blessed family of the Prophet (saw).

The sad thing was that daughter of Hussain (ra) passed away in captivity and later Zainab (ra) was released and returned to Medina Munawwara


When we look at these shameful and disgraceful story of karbala war and its entire scene, we can find the tale of truth and how truth can never bow to falsehood and patience will overcome tyranny.

The family of Prophet Muhammad SAW has left an indelibale example for us all to follow. After looking at these events, we can definitely say that Muslims can follow Islam and the righteous path to serve Allah in this world easily by seeing the example of Karbala war.

Ashura 2018 Holidays in Pakistan:

According the notifications has been issued by interior ministry and public on website, two public holidays have been announced on for Ashura Muharram 09 and 10 which falls on September 20 and 21. on september 20th and 21th 2018 all public and semi-government institutions will remain closed.



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