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bravo champion song

Watch!! Dwayne “DJ Bravo” – Champion

DJ Bravo Dance

Well, we all know “Dwayne Bravo” as all rounder from West Indies. He is well known cricketer due to his power hitting and ever fast bowling. As Fielder, Dwayne Bravo is tremendous, during semi final of 2016 India VS West Indies, he took stunning catch of “Ajinkya Rahane” at the boundary row does THE ‘CHAMPION’ DANCE CELEBRATION, that was amazing. You never look other side of coin, being dancer Dwayne Bravo is fabulous. The middle order batsman becomes more populous on internet due to their dance move as Champion. His Music Video Dwayne “DJ Bravo” – Champion Hit the internet and most liked video on You tube.
In Simple word Dwayne is really a “champion” and a true entertainer.

Watch dj bravo dance, I bet that you will watch Dwayne “DJ Bravo” – Champion Again and Again.

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