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Reality and Solution of Black Magic: The increasing Negative Trend

What is Black Magic?

Black magic is a also known as dark magic which is done with the help of supernatural dark powers of evil creatures not visible to ordinary human eyes.

This is done purposefully and intentionally to destroy somebody’s life and do them considerable harm due to envy, jealousy or selfishness. Sometimes, black magic is done to take revenge from enemies. It is a very shameful and malicious practice being done all over the world.

Why Need For Black Magic is Increasing Worldwide?

jinnBlack magic is done by those evil people who gain control of dark powers with increased black spiritual knowledge.

There are many movies on the black magic but here the topic is very serious,  the growing need for black magic is increasing in the world.

According to the top Spiritual leader and best-selling American Author Joyce Meyer, “Everybody is in search of supernatural these days to solve their problems and get lucky”.

Unfortunately a very large number of world population is turning in false direction for the fulfillment of their lust, greed, envy and desire to hurt others for any personal reason.

According to the survey and research in America, the figures reveal shocking facts about people affected by the supernatural creatures in the world.

True Shocking Facts about Black Magic

Almost 75% of all human beings in the world are affected directly or indirectly by the bad effects of evil unseen creatures. Only a handful of people remain safe from black magic, witchcraft, sorcery and the power of curses because they wear the Armour of Allah who keeps them protected all their lives. Of the remaining 25% people , they at least once or many times in their lives are teased and disturbed by the demons, evil spirits,Jinns, and witches. What is the reason for that?

the-satan-your-enemyThe fact is that not many people have any idea of the number of evil creatures in the present world.

The present times are chaotic and the darkness that surround us is due to the fact that demons have a 10 time bigger population in the world than humans.

They are not all evil, some of them are good and are on the Rah-E-Haq, they are the helpers of mankind and true servants of Allah. But most of them are evil and they serve the one huge mammoth enemy of mankind called the Satan (The Shaitan, or iblees).

Those demons get directions directly from ther father, who is called the father of all lies, the Shaitan. They do a meeting daily on over the bed of ocean and make plans to led the good humans astray.

No wonder the mankind is losing their faith in Allah these days and turning to evil magicians who fool and rob the innocent people with huge money.

People lose all their wealth but still cannot get their problem solved by these so called Amil or Faqeer Babas. Why? Because they have a total false belief that a human being who is involved in evil practice of black magic and he has the possession of evil Jinns can solve any problem for us.

These people cannot even solve their own problems, so how can they do things the only Allah can do? This is a moment of thinking for the whole Muslim community. To condemn these rascals, who steal all your wealth and leave you in tears by empty promises.

How to Save People From Evil Magicians?

In Pakistan and world wide, these old evil magicians do their practices in graveyards and abandoned places at night. They do things that are even shameful to describe, they humiliate the pages of holy Quran and cover them in blood to please their master Shetan, and capture evil jinns.

Then they order them to interfere with the lives of innocent people and do them incredible harm. Lives are being destroyed, people are paying these damned magicians who have no fear of Allah or their fate.

Muslims should have a strong belief that only Allah has the supreme super powers and the authority to change your circumstances, and he can do anything in one second that no evil Fakir Baba or old magician can do in hundred years.

black-magicNo Muslim should tolerate these people in our society, the modern satanism is increasing very rapidly as more and more lives are being destroyed and controlled by the wicked planning of our common enemy.

People who follow , practice, believe, even like or praise black magic are doing a major sin (Gunah Kabira), which is Shirk or Kufr.

Does Man Have No Power Over Black Magic?

When Allah has decided best for every person with his love and countless blessings upon us, then there is no right of these evil creatures to trespass our lives and interfere with our happiness. Only man has the power to allow these creatures and black magic to succeed.

The verses of holy Quran are so powerful that the demon screams and run 36 miles away at once recitation of Surah E Fatiha. Then how can a human being who is a creation of Almighty God Allah can submit to these creatures when we have such an enormous power with us, the Holy Quran and the word of God.

What people don’t realize is that the solution to their problem is in Quran, not with Shaitan (Evil) or his teachings.

He has a job to destroy your journey, your happiness, your eternal life and he has a mission to send you to hellfire. Only those who sincerely Choose follow the enemy will end up in hellfire which is million times warmer than the ordinary fire.

Hell is not a place for humans, it is filled with unimaginable pains and tortures a human being cannot even imagine or bear. Therefore, fearing Allah is enough to force our steps towards the right path,that way, no black magic or witchcraft can affect you, your children your family.

black magicWe are not discussing what is the cure for black magic here. The Quran has it all in its verses. We can take proper guidance from the holy people as well.

God has given man every power to overcome mental sickness, power to overcome negativity, power to overcome poverty, power to overcome resentment and fear of evil spirits.

Do not be fooled by this false illusion that black magic is a cure or a solution, it is an ultimate diseases that is plaguing the human race rapidly and creating all that mess that the world is in today.

What Muslims of Today Need?

Only the angels of Allah can protect you through the holy verses of Quran in case of such a negativity around us these days. 90% of our population have left namaz, which is also a great doorway for the evil jinns to disturb your mind and destroy your family relations.

We must realize that we are in a state or emergency, the world is in chaos, we have an enemy, and his name is Shaitan or Satan, he will not rest until he takes smile off our faces and steal every Joy Allah has promised to deliver us.

Turn To Allah For Every Solution

Muslims should have a strong belief that only Allah has the supreme super powers and the authority to change your circumstances, and he can do anything in one second that no evil Fakir Baba or old magician can do in hundred years for you.

Allah SW says that when people cross all lines of faithlessness, i destroy them and replace them with other people. Muslims need to bring the humanity back to this society, this is their real job for coming into this world. This is the reason they were given birth at the first place.

Quran says that we have send you here for a reason. So every one of us has a duty to set ourselves and others free from the evil practices of black magic, which is destroying each and every family, every couple and forcing Allah to bring his rage upon us.

The present society will not be filled with anxiety, faithlessness, helplessness and deception if we follow the true teachings of our great religion Islam. Our prophet SAW has shown us each and every way of living our lives.

We have to change and realize that we are all servants of Allah in this world, we all have to return to him, so when the angels of grave (Munkar and Nakir) will come with their thunderous voice and eyes like lightning to ask us what is your religion? We must not panic or shake.

It is not a duty of mullahs and people with beard to spread the true word of Allah, we all will be answerable for our deeds.Do not be defeated by the enemy, or you will be defeated in this world and the next.

                   “Subhan Allah Wabehamdehi”



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